Posted by: markcolon | November 6, 2007

Lies of True Dreams


Lies of True Dreams

Love never ends but the ends always near,

as love’s strife incessantly collides.

The future is clouded with disparaging fear

as the illusions of ecstasy subside.

What is past is done, but past is present

in the heart’s dark abyss of fears.

The visions cold and the thoughts unpleasant,

while the soul still flames and sears.

My heart remains trapped in bitter disdain

when one’s cynical side is embraced.

The visions and meaning of love are slain,

and the thoughts of forgiveness displaced.

The truth is not true and the lies are not lies,

but the imagination of what one believed.

Hopelessness prospers and bitterness thrives,

when lies of true dreams converge unachieved!

Posted by: markcolon | November 6, 2007

Enigmatic Colors
For one can never contemplate the colors and its schemes.
Its blues and blacks stalk our souls and steal away our dreams.
Their dark colors prey upon us inciting desperation and fear.
With wrath so relentless as to bring our end so near.
And the restless, weary souls sit and observe in distress…
the bountiful-and colorful fields-where the privileged sit and fest.
With their multi colors amassed in shades to difficult to erase,
they flaunt their scarlet and lavender themes so elegantly laced.
Chasing the colors is as tantamount as a fate that I must seal;
to rise above as paramount as the dreams that I must steal;
I shiver at the thought of life incomplete in only black and white;
while the bright ones chase their vivid dreams in colorful delight.
So the ensign’s order pursues its quest relentlessly and compelling;
to bring the hopeless to their knees with weary hearts o’ bellowing.
Then finally the colorless faces overcome the overseer’s devise-
the wrath of their blues seeks revenge and hands them their demise.
Now colorblind, the once so colorful, fall fate to their flawed themes,
and the illusive colors that seemed so bright all trickle at the seams!

By M.P. Colon