Posted by: markcolon | November 6, 2007

Lies of True Dreams


Lies of True Dreams

Love never ends but the ends always near,

as love’s strife incessantly collides.

The future is clouded with disparaging fear

as the illusions of ecstasy subside.

What is past is done, but past is present

in the heart’s dark abyss of fears.

The visions cold and the thoughts unpleasant,

while the soul still flames and sears.

My heart remains trapped in bitter disdain

when one’s cynical side is embraced.

The visions and meaning of love are slain,

and the thoughts of forgiveness displaced.

The truth is not true and the lies are not lies,

but the imagination of what one believed.

Hopelessness prospers and bitterness thrives,

when lies of true dreams converge unachieved!


  1. Beautiful poem. And oh so real. I feel that this beautiful poem is coming from your heart, and I feel your pain. Thanks so much for sharing. If you are feeling any emotions felt in this fear, I must say do not allow fear to overwhelm you. Stay fearless in you loving abilities, and be fearless in knowing that you are a loveable person capable of loving. You feel hurt is not to feel love–don’t get it twisted.

    Please read this small bit of wisdom from Iyanla…I read her works often to keep me grounded…

    You will know love when you realize.. If you are hurting, you are not loving!

    Love is simple. We make it hard with our trappings, expectations and demands. We make loving difficult, painful, hurtful and regrettable because we keep trying to figure out how to do love, give love, and get loved right. We place limits, restrictions and conditions on our loving and those we love. Sometimes it works. Usually, it does not. Then, when we don’t get the right kind of lvoe, we feel hurt. We blame love.
    Love does not hurt. Falling into the traps we get and keep love makes us hurt ourselves. Love is! It is the experience of joy we have when we have the courage to tell the truth; when we have the courage to be exactly who we are and when we allow those we love to do the same. Love is not what we have seen in pictures. Love is not a tool or a weapon. Love is the key. It is the key that allows you to see more in yourself, for yourself and about yourself than you would ever dare to show the world. Love is simple. You simply love for the sake of love, or you don’t. You simply know love and share love or you don’t. You simply love without demands and expectations or you will continue to fall into traps and hurt yourself because you fail to acknowledge yourself as the love you keep trying to get right.
    Until today, you may hav believed that there were things you had to do to get love. You may have demanded that others do things to prove their love for you. Just for today, be devoted to evaluating beliefs you hold about love. Take this opportunity to ask yourself whether or not you believe that you are loved, loving and loveable. Today devote yourself to identifying the ways you place demands and expectations on love.

    Peace and sisterly love to you…cordieb

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  3. Thanks for the comments and wisdom Cordieb. Things are starting to work out slowly, but one never knows. Your Wisdom from Iyanla is very inspiring. I just started posting poetry I write (I love writing), so I’m not sure if I’m posting this correctly or not…I’ll continue attempting to do so. Thanks again, and peace and love in return…Mark

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